Aug 122019

I’ve had some questions from readers regarding my upcoming work, so here’s a quick update:
1) First up is LOOKING GLASS. It will be released in April of 2020.
What it is not: A full-length novel about Alice and Hatcher.
What it is: Four novellas (about 40-50 pages each) set in the Chronicles of Alice universe. Two stories are about Alice and Hatcher post-RED QUEEN, one story is about young Hatcher in the Old City, and one story is about a young girl in the New City with a connection to Alice.
Preorders are available from most bookstores now for LOOKING GLASS; I’ll be posting links on this page soon. I also hope to have some cover art for you to see pretty soon as well.
2) I have another book coming out in October of next year called THE GHOST TREE.
What it is not: A retelling of any kind.
What it is: A stand-alone horror novel about a midwestern town under a curse. I am really excited about this book and I hope that all of you love it as much as I do.
3) Finally, several people have asked if there will be a sequel to THE GIRL IN RED. There is no sequel planned at this time. Thank you so much to everyone who loved Red.

Oct 242017

Now that the contract has been signed, sealed and delivered I can announce that I will be writing two more books for Berkley/Penguin Random House. The first will be a post-apocalyptic Red Riding Hood story (right now it’s called RED; the title will probably change) and the second is called THE GHOST TREE – it’s about a town that’s haunted by…something…something that demands the sacrifice of one girl from the town every year. RED should be out in 2019, and THE GHOST TREE in 2020.