Nov 072013


The Maddy and Beezle story, RED ISN’T REALLY MY COLOR, takes place between the events of BLACK NIGHT and BLACK HOWL. Maddy gets an assignment from her least favorite relative (guess who?) and has to track down a pair of mythical red shoes said to force the wearer to dance until they die. Will Maddy succeed? And given that the assignment is from Lucifer and involves a magical object that tortures people, does she even want to?

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May 032013

Please buy a book today.

It doesn’t have to be my book. It doesn’t have to be an expensive book.  It doesn’t even have to be a traditional book made out of paper, purchased at a bookstore. It could be an e-book. But please buy a book.

You see, most authors don’t make the bestseller lists. We don’t count our sales in the thousands, or even the hundreds. We count our sales by tens, and sometimes by ones – one more copy sold here, one more copy sold there. If not enough copies are sold, we don’t get the chance to have our work published again.

Publishing is a business, and publishers look at numbers. An author might have a very devoted, passionate fanbase, but if the sales aren’t there then that author may not be able to continue writing professionally.

Most writers do not make six-figure royalties.  We are lucky if we make enough to feed our kids. Every writer I know has either a day job or an extremely supportive partner or both, because you just can’t live off what you make writing.

And the truth is, authors don’t write to make tons of money. We write because we love it. All we want is to sell enough books so that we can keep doing what we love.

I know that the economy has changed, and bookstores have closed, and people just don’t have extra money in their pockets the way they used to. I know that the library is a wonderful place to discover new books for free.

And I know that it can be very tempting to get a free download online, and to justify it to yourself by saying that authors make lots of money and it doesn’t matter if one person gets a book for free.  The trouble is, it’s not usually one person, or even a dozen. It might be a hundred, or five hundred, or a thousand. And those copies that went unsold might mean that the author who wrote the book that you got for free doesn’t get another contract.

Writers want to write. We love to write, and we love to have readers reading what we wrote.  We’re not trying to get rich. We’re trying to live, just like you.

So please – if you love books, if you love to read, go out and buy a book today.  Thank you.

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Apr 022013

I’ll be appearing at C2E2 on Sunday, April 28th, along with some other fantastic writers. Please join us there!

Title: FOES, FANGS & FUR: A Look Inside Urban Fantasy Novels
Date: 4/28/2013
Time: 1:30pm – 2:30pm
Location: W470a
Speakers: Christina Henry, Anne Bishop, Amber Benson, Kerry Schafer
Vampires have staked their claim on readers and werewolves have certainly taken a bite out of pop-fiction. But these paranormal creatures aren’t the only ones that run havoc in the pages of urban fantasy novels. Authors discuss the villains, vixens, magic, and mayhem in their novels —from witches to gargoyles to zombies and beyond!

Autographing: 3:00PM – 4:00PM

For further details, please check out C2E2′s website at



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Feb 012013

I’ll be signing copies of BLACK CITY and answering your questions at this event at the wonderful CHALLENGERS Comics and Conversation. Mark your calendars and join me there!

Friday March 1st, 7pm-9pm

CHALLENGERS Comics and Conversation

1845 N. Western Avenue, Chicago

For further details and directions, check out this link.


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May 312012

OK, Beezle lovers, let’s spread the word! Tell a friend about the BLACK WINGS series, have them “like” my Facebook fan page here, and then send me an email at with your name & email address AND your friend’s info. You will BOTH be entered to win a signed set of all three books! If you tell more than one friend, you get more than one entry, so be talkative :) Contest runs until June 7th.

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