Curious about the new book I’ve been writing?

It’s called ALICE, and it will be released in August of 2015. Here’s a little teaser I wrote up:

Some time in the past, or maybe some time in the future…

The City is a warren of crumbling buildings, desperate people, thieves, murderers, con men and whores. The wealthy live in a gated ring around the teeming darkness of the City, keeping the undesirables contained. Sometimes people go in, but no one ever comes out.

An asylum stands deep in the heart of the City. A girl named Alice is held there. She was found wandering the streets in a torn and bloodied dress, repeating two words over and over, “The Rabbit. The Rabbit. The Rabbit.” She had a friend named Dor, and now Dor is gone. There is a hole in Alice’s memory where her life used to be, and all she can see is the looming face of the Rabbit, promising death and despair.

In the cell next to hers is a man called Hatcher, and he is one of the few who knows what is in the basement of the asylum. He calls it the Jabberwocky, and even the lunatics think he is mad.

But then one day there is a fire at the asylum, and Alice and Hatcher find a way out. Alice must find the lost bits of herself, and to do that she must find a creature no one believes exists – the Rabbit.

And the Jabberwocky now stalks the streets of the City…