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Here’s a short preview of Black Wings:

“Can I help you?” a voice murmured behind me.
I was pretty out of it, and Gabriel’s voice made me jump
about three feet in the air—from my knees, no less. I did a
kind of jerky half turn and fell to my left side, landing on my
elbow so I wouldn’t squash Beezle while keeping him out of
Gabriel’s sight. The impact reverberated through every hurt
muscle and bone in my body, and I gritted my teeth as I glared
up at him.
“Knock much?” I said.
“The door was open,” he said, gesturing down the stairs.
He stood in the doorway, looking just as cool and dark and
beautiful as he had the day before. He wore the same expensive
coat and shoes, and the slightest of creases appeared
between his eyebrows as he frowned down at me. “May I ask
what happened to you?”
Oh, a giant freaking demon was just here trying to take my
heart and bring it back to his master. No big . .

You can read the first chapter of Black Wings here