RED QUEEN teaser

I’ve got a little teaser for readers to celebrate the cover reveal for RED QUEEN!

Alice remembered a story one of her governesses told her, about a little girl who went into a house that wasn’t hers. She sat in three chairs and tasted three bowls of porridge and rolled in three beds. And for being too curious (and, Alice thought, very rude) the little girl was eaten up by the bears who lived there. She repeated this story to Hatcher, who gave her a curious look.

“Are you worried about bears?” he asked.

“Well, no,” Alice admitted. “But the moral remains. Considering the type of person we’ve encountered since we escaped, I wouldn’t want to make assumptions about the owner of any of these houses. We might go to sleep and wake up to discover a madman with a knife leaning over us.”

I’m the madman with the knife,” Hatcher said.

RED QUEEN will be released July 12, 2016!

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